The idea of having a wedding without calligraphy is akin to the idea of having a chicken dinner without a side of dinner rolls. It's something that can happen and it's something that does happen, but it's something that's a complete travesty every time it happens. If you want your wedding to feel elegant, and for your invitations to stand out to your guests, then you would strongly benefit from hiring a professional calligraphy service. We say a professional calligraphy service because we know there have been many future newlyweds who have hired their sixteen-year old cousin who likes to doodle in class to do their calligraphy and have ended up rather embarrassed as a result. Many people don't put too much thought into this section of their wedding planning, and they end up being shocked at how much time and money actually go into this part. In order to prevent yourself from stressing out too much, you should take note from this following guide, which will highlight invaluable tips for hiring a calligraphy service, and it will ensure that your process becomes much less stressful and time-consuming so you can focus your energy on the more pressing aspects of your wedding planning. Let's begin.

Typically, calligraphy is used mostly for the envelopes of the wedding invitations, but a calligraphy service can be used for many facets of your wedding. Facets such as escort cards, menu cards, and ceremony programs could all greatly benefit from being crafted with this fantastically elegant service. However, it is important to keep in mind that calligraphy is a time-consuming and pricey process, that can become more time-consuming and pricey depending on the service that you are hiring them for, how much time ahead of time that you are giving them, and any special materials that you would like them to use such as metallics or special inks. Calligraphy can cost about $4 per envelopes, but if you don't mind sacrificing quality, you can skip the whole process and just download calligraphy fonts for free on the internet. However, if you do plan on hiring a professional calligrapher then you need to make sure to give them at least two weeks turnaround time. If you wait too long then you will more than likely have to pay the service of paying a rush fee.

If you want to find the right calligrapher for your purposes, begin by looking through local calligraphers online, or ask for a recommendation from your stationery boutique. Some of them have calligraphers in their employ, but if not then they almost always have a list of tried-and-true calligraphers that you know you can count on because of the stationery boutique's recommendation. Once you have your list, begin to email the calligraphers you're interested in and include all of the details of what you'd like them to have done, and see what their availability and rates are. Request some examples of their work so you can ensure that everything does well.