Candy Buffets

Weddings can be a pretty sweet affair, and what's "sweeter" than candy? A great way to make sure that your wedding guests have a great time while satisfying their craving for sweets by setting up a candy buffet at your wedding reception! A candy buffet is a great way to tie candy into your wedding reception because it allows guests to completely customize their candy-eating experience. It's a fantastic way to include people of all ages, and it gives everyone a fun souvenir to leave the wedding with. This article will highlight for you everything you need to know about putting together a candy buffet for your wedding reception, to ensure that, just like every other aspect of your wedding, you are organized, properly planned, and efficient.

The first thing you should do is plan on what candy you plan on having at the candy buffet. The way you plan everything else including the containers that you use, and the displays that draw attention to the table, are completely dependent on what kind of candy it is that you choose for your buffet. Trying to decide the candy that you use after deciding on the containers and displays can lead to a boat load of issues, and may lead you to needing to start the planning over from the beginning. Consult with your partner and decide what kind of candy it is that you'd like to have there, as well as what kind of candy you don't want there. It should be candy that you each like, as well as candy that you know your guests will like and kinds that will fit the theme of your wedding. Additionally, the kind you choose should complement the flavor and texture of the dessert being served with dinner. It is also important to remember what the weather will be at your wedding. For example, if your wedding is outdoors, then you should probably stray away from chocolate as it will really quickly begin to melt. The candy buffet could also be a fantastic place for you to include treats such as cookies, brownies, kettle corn, lollipops, and more. It is also important to keep the dietary needs for your guests in mind--this could be a good thing to include on the RSVPs so you know what kind of candy your guests can eat.

It is important to decorate your buffet table within the theme of your wedding so you can really make it stand out. And since candy is fun-filled, this can be the part that you have a load of fun with. You can use ribbons, flowers, balloons, and confetti, and make sure to use a fancy centerpiece such as a statue or even a chocolate fondue fountain--that's certain to get your desks really excited to utilize the table.
Candy buffets can be a fantastic way to add a fun flair to your wedding reception, and your guests, young and old alike, will be thrilled to indulge in the candy buffet.