There are almost infinite things to consider when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. You have to think about the theme, what to wear, the guest list, the venue for both the ceremony and the reception, the wedding officiant, valeting, and on and on and on. However, one of the most important parts about planning your wedding is finding the right food to have served at your wedding reception. If you have bland food, or otherwise food that your guests simply aren't excited about, it can put a damper on the mood of the guests of the entire event. This, unfortunately, can be a much more difficult process than you would initially think, though. Finding the right caterer for your wedding can be almost as difficult as finding the right person to marry. Luckily for you, this following guide will highlight what you need to know about finding the right caterer for your purposes by finding a caterer who is versatile, unique, and easy to work with. By following this guide you will find the process of finding the right caterer much more bearable than before.

The first thing you need to once you have set the date for your wedding is start researching caterers. You don't necessarily have to start meeting with them availability, but you will feel a lot better if you get a lot of the preliminary research done, so you can just get the ball rolling on making phone calls so you don't find yourself doing more work once you are in the thick of things. A good way to find some quality tried-and-true caterers are by inquiring with the venue that you have decided on about which caterers they prefer. Most venues have a list of preferred suppliers so you should be able to get the ball rolling right then and there. At least nine months before your wedding is a good time to start contacting caterers. The first thing you need to do when speaking to a caterer is to see if they are available on the date and time of your wedding--this way, you can start to filter out the ones who are not even available.

The second thing you need to discuss with your caterer is their prices. Before even calling them, you need to establish a budget for yourself. Ask about packages, and the specifics of those packages. These packages include everything from the food, desserts, and sometimes even the tableware and linens, depending on the caterer. You also need to check the quality of the food by viewing the food on their websites, and also by doing a tasting sessions. Any good character will offer a tasting session for no charge--which is also a great way to get free food out of the whole affair by some delicious caterers in your area.

Finally, it's important to set up a plan with the caterer that you have decided on. Be sure that they are on the same page as you as far as your theme goes, as well as the professionalism and attires of their caterers.