Valet Parking

Depending on how popular you are, and how many guests you want to have at your wedding, they can be huge events. Think about it, between the two people getting married, there is a very large number of people that will be in attendance, between the amount of friends and family members coming. Organizing an event this large can be very tricky when you consider trying to organize parking, especially if your venue for the wedding is inside of a big city, or at an unconventional location such as a residence, a park, or a beach. By hiring a valet service to service your wedding, you can be sure that not only your guests arrive at your wedding reception right on time, but also that the parking area remains nice and organized, as well as easy for when time for departure comes. In addition to all of this, a valet service makes your guests feel pretty special, because in addition to being invited to a formal, life-changing event, they are about to have someone else park their car again--it gets any guests excited to attend the wedding reception. The following article will highlight to you what you need to know when it comes to hiring the right valet service for your wedding reception, so you can ensure that your wedding remains organized and efficient!

You should begin by speaking with the venue coordinators of the venue that you have selected for your wedding. Especially if the venue has an unfortunate parking situation, then see if they have any valet services that are tried-and-true, so the legwork of researching and interviewing valet services can be saved on you. This way you know that the valet service has a familiarity with the venue. If you find that the venue doesn't have any suggestions for valets, or you aren't at a venue where there are anyone that can give you a recommendation, then you need to start doing a local internet search for valet services in your area. Look for well-reviewed valet services that have an ample number of reviews, and begin making your calls!

Begin by asking the valet services about how well the know the area around the venue where you wedding will be taking place, and how they could service you best. Ask about their uniforms, because while they don't need to be dressed as formally as the wedding guests, they should at least somewhat reflect your expectations for the dress code of the wedding reception, but they need to be different enough so they're distinguishable from the rest of your guests. Make sure to get a list of references, so you can make some calls around to get some more personal reviews. Remember to meet with the valet service that you have chosen beforehand so you can set up a plan to ensure that chaos does not ensue at your event.