Booking Rates

Renting a Greensboro limo bus doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Here and Greensboro Party Bus we make sure that our prices are always fair and competitive with all your other choices on the market. We aim to be your number one choice, no matter what. That's why with us you'll always get a personalized quote for your special event.

Many variables come together to form our unique and personalized quotes for each of our vehicles. The greatest influence is done by the time of year and time of week you order. Generally, the spring and summer months are prom and wedding season, so our demand tends to be extremely high, thus creating higher prices. Weekends are also more expensive than a weekday. Before you call us you should try to keep in mind where you will be picked up from, how many people are going, and what day and time you will be using us. But even on the busiest days of the year we can guarantee that our price will set us far ahead of other Greensboro party bus companies. We will always provide you with a fair price for your special occasion.